Security Products

6150 RF Keypad

This is FBC’s most popular keypad and it is very user friendly and efficient. This Honeywell masterpiece has panic buttons for police, fire, and medical and also lights up elegantly at night.

Products - 6150

Tuxedo Touch Color Keypad and Home Controller

TUXS Tuxedo Touch Color Graphic Touchscreen Keypad and Home Controller

Enjoy the best Florida Burglary Control has to offer! This touch screen integrated keypad serves as a home controller, camera viewer, and much more.

Products - Tuxedo Touch

Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

FBC’s Wireless Motion Detectors allow quality detection and great battery life.

Products - Wireless Sensor

Wireless Door/Window Transmitter w/ Magnet

FBC’s wireless door/window contacts are the most reliable in the electronic security industry.

Wireless Glass break Detector

FBC’s Wireless Glass break Detector is a great device to detect the break and shatter of glass to detect a burglar before they step foot in your premise.

Products - Glass Break Detector

Photoelectric Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector

FBC’s 3V lithium powered, monitored smoke/heat detector, will give you and your family additional peace of mind knowing the local fire department will be notified in case of a fire.

Products - Smoke Detector

Wireless Outdoor Transmitter with Magnetic Contact

FBC’s Wireless Outdoor Transmitter is weatherproof and water resistant.

It can be used to protect outside sheds, side or front gates, sheds, or any other outdoor area with an exit/entry point.

Products - Outdoor Transmitter

Wireless Temperature Sensor & Flood Detector

FBC’s Temperature and Flood Detector is a great device to detect floods and is ideal for places like basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, just to name a few.

Products - Temp Detector

WAVE2 Two-Tone Siren

FBC’s interior siren has a very appealing look to it but yet packs a punch when it comes to loud noise in case of a burglary.

Products - Wave2 Siren

Four Button Wireless Key Transmitter

FBC’s Wireless Key Remote is a very reliable device that allows users to arm and disarm remotely without walking to keypad. The remote also has a panic button in case of an emergency. With a touch of a button you can have police dispatched to your premise.

Products - Keyfob

Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

FBC’s Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector measures carbon monoxide levels in the air and sends proper signal if local authority is required.

Products - Carbon Monoxide Detector

Color IP Camera

FBC’s wireless interior cameras are versatile. You can set them down anywhere in home or business and relocate them at anytime. These cameras are integrated with your security system and can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Products - Color IP Camera

Wired/Wireless Color Outdoor IP Camera

FBC’s Wired/Wireless IP Outdoor Cameras allows you to have exterior IP cameras integrated to your security system and also allows versatility in that you can relocate at anytime without trouble.

Products - Outdoor Camera