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- Security at your Fingertips

With FBC’s Personal Alert Systems by simply pushing a button, you can have ambulatory assistance dispatched to your home immediately. Personal Alert Systems allow you and your loved ones to respond to:

- Elderly person slips and falls and cannot reach a phone

Emergencies are becoming more common with more elderly people being home alone, especially for long periods of time. Sometimes it is very difficult for them to reach a phone. If he/she has a medical pendant, with a push of a button, they will have medical assistance dispatched to their home.

- Intruder entering your home while you’re home and alarm is not active

In the event you are home and alarm is off, you can have access to a panic button that will dispatch police even if the alarm is off. Sometimes, we are home doing things and don’t necessarily want to have the alarm on. If you see an intruder about to come in your home, you can press the police panic on a fob and have immediate assistance

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