Company Profile

Company Profile - ImageLeonard J Fernandez
CEO and Founder

With over 25 years of Experience in the Electronic Security Industry, Leonard has mastered the art of residential and commercial security. He sets the direction, blueprint, and vision for Florida Burglary Control. Leonard is focused on maintaining Florida Burglary Control a best-in-class organization.  He is also responsible for shaping the company's dynamic culture and values and building a strong management team.


A Word from the CEO

We founded Florida Burglary Control on the belief that we were going to deliver the best home and business security customer service in South Florida.  And, we have!  I have learned that great organizations are made of great people.  It is a privilege and I am honored to work with our team at FBC.  I am sure that I command one of the best technical, professional, and well educated teams in South Florida.  We have grown from our humble beginnings to one of the largest and most respected privately owned home security organizations in South Florida. By design, our corporate model ensures that we know exactly who are customers are and what they expect in terms of efficiency and innovation.  I take great pride that FBC has led the way in bringing leading edge security innovation and automation services to our customers to help them stay connected 24 hours a day with their Families, Homes, and Businesses.


People all over the world are increasingly interested in what goes on in major companies.  Are local laws being adhered to?  Is the company being conducted adequately?  Does a company comply with state and federal regulations?  At FBC,  we have set down our core values and principles.  I'd like to share our guiding principles for all FBC team members.


Our Vision

To be your first, best, and final choice for all your life safety needs


Our Mission

To provide best- in- class security solutions and customer service to all of our customers


Shared Values

  • Customer Focused: Customers are FBC"s  #1 priority.
  • Integrity: We stand by our commitment to our customers and employees. We will do what we say.
  • Passion for Our Work: Our unyielding passion for life safety and home security makes us a great fit for those who truly want adequate protection.
  • Create a Culture of Honesty: We will be honest and straight forward in everything we do.
  • Performance: Most importantly, we expect the highest levels of achievement from all our team on a daily basis.


Many thanks to our loyal customers and to those that will choose us in the future.



Leonard J. Fernandez
President & CEO